Posted by: Zombi | September 8, 2009

Desicions, desicions….

Just over a week since my initial post and things have not moved on too much.  I have a few more idea’s about what exactly I am going to do.  The plan is to cycle from Valley Parade, Bradford to somewhere in Italy, potentially Milan.  I am going to look over the coming weeks where looks like a good idea.  I would like some sort of reason to go to where I am going to go so we will see what comes up.

Training wise, I am looking to invest in a Fixed gear bike for my commute to work throughout the winter.  For anyone who doesn’t know, a fixed gear or a ‘Fixed’ is a bike with only one gear (or no gears as you may think).  The benefit training wise is clear, I have no get out clauses on the hills, I just have to get up using brute strength (which I’m working on!).  The other thing about riding fixed is you are constantly peddling.  When the wheels are moving so are the peddles. Basically I am regressing back to my very first bike as a toddler!

Last week has not been to good for getting the miles in unfortunately, I spent Tuesday to Friday in Ireland with work so only managed to do the commute on Monday.  Chester tomorrow however, other than that, 4 days this week so roughly 80 miles throughout the week.  Not great to be honest, I think the longer route to work is going to have to start soon!

Next steps on planning the trip I think have to be the route. Untill I know exactly what I want to do I can’t really plan the rest of it properly.  I will aim to have a rough route (certainly a start an end) by this time next week.  Then I can look at ‘going official’ with the plans and start working out how I can fundraise for the Burns Unit.  Exciting times I think.

Currently listening to: The Guns of Brixton – The Dropkick Murpheys

Currently reading about (Online): Latest suspicion around Lance Armstrong’s blood values. Fascinating, I think anyway!

Word up.


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