Posted by: Zombi | September 20, 2009

Training bike and 1st route plans.

Following on from a pretty hectic couple of weeks at work I am now trying to re-focus on planning for this trip.

First things first, I have just bought my winter training bike.  It is a delightful Pearson Touche in gun metal grey.  I ordered it on Thursday so am expecting delivery on Tuesday/Wednesday this coming week.  It will take a little getting used to riding fixed however should be an exciting challenge and will definitely make me much stronger.

Miles over the last week have been very disappointing due to work commitments. Only managed to get 40 in total.  The only consolation was the fact I was only using 1 gear all the way in advance of the Pearson arriving.  It was quite tough although nowhere near as I had expected.  In fact the greatest difficulty on the commute this week was explaining to the very pleasant lady in the car behind me on monday morning (who I was holding up in no way shape or form I might add) that I was not in the cycle lane because I was going faster than the traffic and didn’t want to undertake everyone. She clearly disagreed with this judging by the amount of horn she was using. I must say, she was clearly a very reasonable person though. Shouting so she was very red in the face whilst sat still in slow moving traffic at me was a perfectly reasonable thing to do!

Back on topic and considering the reason for this blog I have been having a think about my proposed route.  I have decided to ride from Valley Parade to San Remo (far north west Italy). I was struggling to identify a suitable end point for the trip but have decided on San Remo due to its connection with cycling. The purpose of the trip was to raise money but also combine two of my great loves, Football and Cycling. San Remo hosts the finish of one of the five ‘Monuments‘ of the cycling calendar. Milan – San Remo.  This is a race where British sprinter Mark Cavendish won (by roughly an inch!) his first major one day race in 2009.  Valley Parade to San Remo leaves me with a total approximate distance on 1100 miles.

The next week will be focusing on looking in to the actual route a little more and also identifying a suitable training plan for the run up to the ride.  I will also be thinking about what I will do to make this official and look to raise some money etc.

Currently listening to Chelsea vs Spurs on 5 live (3-0 with about 5 mins to go)!

Joke of the week, “A woman’s work is never done”, maybe that is why they don’t get paid the same then!

Thanks and see you next time.


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