Posted by: Zombi | October 11, 2009

I’ve let myself go…

Ok, I’ve not posted for a couple of weeks so what do I need to catch up on?

First off, my Pearson arrived, and lovely it is too.  Riding fixed took a bit of getting used to and riding in to work each day has wiped me out a little over the last two weeks. So much so I took my ‘winter break’  last week and only cycled in Monday and Tuesday.  Feeling much fresher now and I will look to slowly build up the miles over winter to be ready for the ride next year.

I have found, as with many things I think, the more I look in to the planning and detail of this trip, the more I realise I don’t know.  I have spent the last week working out a potential route down to Dover.  What came as a surprise to me was the most challenging part of the planning for this was how to get over the Thames.  You appear to have only 1 bridge east of London at Dartford crossing.  Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to cycle over it.  There is a system where I will get driven over by staff working there but from what I can see the road’s around there are pretty grim so I hope to avoid them.

With this in mind I am going to go via London. Hopefully cycle in one day, stop over in central London the cycle out the next day.  All in all the trip from Valley Parade to Dover is working out somewhere in the region of 310 miles. I am hoping to do this in 4-5 days.  I will be camping the majority of the time I’m away however, whilst this is pretty straightforward in France, in England, we just don’t have the same amount of options so my route is going to have to tie in with accommodation a lot more.  Also, deciding how far I am going to ride each day is pretty easy sat behind a laptop. 6o miles in to a headwind after being rained on all day might not leave me with the same feeling of, “oh another 20 miles shouldn’t be too bad”.

By the end of next week I aim to have an initial route planned out giving me some idea how far I am going to be riding.  This will then let me understand how long I am going to take to complete the trip.  When I am clear on that I can think about publicising it and working out how I can raise as much money as possible.

Paris – Tours today so the cycling season is really closing in on us now, just the Tour of Lombardy next weekend really to go. Phillip Gilbert is my tip to win today and I am hoping for a good race.

The Tour de France route is also due to be announced on Wednesday so again that should be interesting to see what we have in store. Rumours of two trips up the Tourmalet will be interesting so we will see what they come up with.

City were beaten yesterday at home to Crewe. Played reasonably well so I think people were not too despondent after the game. Overall they seem to be very close to being a very good team so we look to have a positive season ahead of us.

That’s me for now I think, bye for now.



  1. Ben. I just clisked the link on Bikeradar and your trip has caught my attention. Best of luck with your winter training and planning.Keep up the posts. If work takes you to Ireland again bring the bike 😀

    • Thanks Fergal. Need to keep on with the posts but I’m sure as I get closer I will get more and more regular. I wish I had taken the bike.

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