Posted by: Zombi | October 22, 2009

Slow progress

I clearly need to pull my finger out.  So far, I am going as far as roughly 20 miles south or Calais.  Route planning is full of difficulties that I just didn’t foresee.  I am getting concerned that I am choosing a poor route or could be picking a ‘better’ more picturesque route.  I need to just get a route nailed down then tweak it from there.

Commuting has been going well. Riding fixed really does take it out of you but can be jolly good fun at times as well.  I have taught myself to track stand not so clipping in and out at lights and junctions is far less common now leaving me able to make some swift getaways from the lights. Jolly good fun.  Overall 80 miles last week and the same this (Frightening to think I will be doing that daily for 2.5 weeks).

Just pulling through Cleckheaton (home) last week I met another gent cycling home and got chatting.  It turns out he rides with Ravensthorpe CC so I will be joining up with them in a couple of weeks hopefully.  Sunday rides and Wednesday evening rides as well by the sound of things so more than enough to keep me fit (or hanging off the back!).

Over the last couple of weeks I have been having all manner of problems with my lower back, including barely managing to walk up the stairs one day.  Fortunately despite not being able to bend, cycling was not really affected and the back is now much better.  Happy days.

Tonight is the BNP Question time so that should be interesting. Hopefully is will be a case of Mr Griffin being given enough rope to hang himself with. We shall see.

Stag do in Poland went well last weekend. Tremendous amount of beer drunk. Most notable events included ‘Minty’ being convinced you have to pay for the toilets in all bars, then spending the next 9 hours either asking for ‘tokens’ at the bar, or trying to slip in un-noticed, Minty asking our polish taxi driver (who spoke english but not well, “Where’s our gaff from here then mate” and Martin falling asleep in every bar we went in to, and being lest in one!

Finally something that made me chuckle today. The following is a comment from a Daily Mail reader on their website.  See if you can guess who, or what he was referring to…

More money thrown at yet another problem……ANOTHER SOFT APPROACH
These imbeciles are a menace to other people…GET TOUGH and forget the namby pamby PC approach
Hit them with significant punishments
Hefty fines, confiscate their precious machines, crush them when they don’t/can’t pay their penalties….ZERO TOLERANCE
BEFORE MORE AND MORE INNOCENT PEOPLE…..the old…the sick…young people…the disabled…mums and their offspring…INNOCENT VICTIMS of these couldn’t care less apart from myself fanatics, become seriously injured.
Let’s see the law makers and law enforcers take serious ACTION
– Philip, Bury St. Edmunds, England, 22/10/2009 8:56

Yes, Philip from Bury St. Edmunds is talking about those fanatical… cyclists targeting mums and the ‘sick’.

I believe capitals denote shouting…


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