Posted by: Zombi | October 25, 2009

I’m riding the 2010 Tour!

Well a stage of it anyway.

Following last weeks announcement of the tour and a little more work on planning my route it seems very feasible that I can ride the rough route of the Cambrai – Reims stage.  It won’t be the most exciting of stages however it would be super to think I had ridden the same route as the riders in such a great race.  The only problem I will face with this is the exact stage details might not be announced until around the time I go so I might have some last-minute alterations.

As far as the route planning in general has gone I have got as far as Dijon area at the moment.  I am counting on 10 or 11 days so far.  With quite a way still to go I am little apprehensive about how long this will take but we will see how I get on.  I might have to up my daily mileage but ideally I don’t want to go over the 80 mile mark if I can help it.

I know I am far behind having my route planned compared to initial expectations however I have plenty of time to get it sorted so I am not too concerned. I will just be happy to get a rough idea that can be tweaked at a later date. My plan is to head south from Dijon, east of Lyon and down between Massif Central and the Alps as far as Avignon.  Then take a left towards the coast and follow the coast to Monaco, ‘hop’ over the Alps and land in San Remo.  Actually, this sounds a breeze.

Currently barely anyone has been told about the blog and before it becomes recognised globally I am going to try and make it a spot more interesting with some pictures and video clips.  The first addition has to be the following clip of Danny MacAskill.  This guy is able to do the most amazing things on a bike.  It is nothing new but if you have never seen it before it is amazing.

Roll on monday, can’t wait for another week at work, and I’ve just realised.  I’m talking to myself.  Again!


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