Posted by: Zombi | November 15, 2009

Money, Money, Money…

Feel like I am starting to make a little progress now.   Last week saw the route planned, in principle anyway.  Well this week I have set up my Just Giving page where I will be collecting donations with the aim of raising £500.  Now I don’t have a clue if this is a reasonable, high or low target but It gives me something to aim for and if I can reach it or pass in then I will be delighted.

In order to actually raise some money though I really do need to start telling people about what I am doing.  The final hurdle I have is sorting out my time off work.  It should be a formality however, due to a big project I am just starting work on that is due to go in, in June (really great timing!!!) I will need to get planned when is best to be off.  This week should get that tied down then I am in a position start pestering people!

I am really unsure at the moment of the best way to raise sponsorship money.  I am sure it will be easy enough raising £50 or £60 pounds from friends and family but I am not sure how to get money out of others who will just see this as ‘just another charity event’.  My initial thoughts have been to try and involve people in what I am doing as much as possible.  That is the main reason for writing this Blog, in the hope that if people are interested enough to read about what I am doing it is more likely they will push the donate button.

When I have my dates agreed, I will get in touch with the T&A and Bradford City who hopefully will give me a little publicity.  Work should be another option. If I push them enough I should be able to get an article on the ‘Intranet’.  I will make sure it goes on after pay-day though!

Last week was reasonable for the miles. 100 in total which will suffice as a base mileage however I really do need to be getting on with the weekend riding.  decorating has still been taking over however I will be off out within the next couple of weeks.  Trust me.

Last weeks commuting was relatively uneventful apart from Friday evening.  Absolutely throwing it down all afternoon, I was pulling up to some lights overtaking a long line of stationary cars.  About 30 meters from the lights, I lost concentration and must have gone over a large iron manhole cover.  The feeling of both wheels sliding out from under you certainly focuses the mind.  I somehow managed to keep upright but I was lucky.

I have been reading Mark Beaumont’s The Man Who Cycled the World.  Mark made a documentary of his world record circumnavigation of the world by bike. If you have not seen the programme it really is a must watch.  See YouTube for a snippet.  The book is excellent and really goes to show what a tough challenge Mark undertook.  From reading and watching him he does also seem a genuinely nice guy as well.  It is nice to see the good guys be successful.

James Bowthorpe recently undertook the same challenge with the aim of knocking off 44 days from Marks record.  He ended up completing it in a new world record time of 175 days. He averaged 103 miles a day. Bearing in mind not everywhere has the nice smooth roads of western europe it really is an amazing record.  If I needed any inspiration, I need look no further than these two.

Having said that, for a very different challenge but just as incredible, take a look at Gary ‘Gaz’ Brennan.  Less than 2 years ago, Gaz was 39 (thirty nine) stone. He is now not even half the man he used to be… literally!  20 stone lost and counting. Not a opperation in sight just a jolly damn lot of cycling.  Please have a read of Gaz’s Blog. It it genuinely impressive.

That’s all for me but hopefully a bit more progress next week.

Thanks for reading and please let me know what is interesting/not so interesting in this blog. We all win that way.




  1. Thanks for the mention mate, much appreciated, good news on the route too.

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