Posted by: Zombi | November 20, 2009

Pain in the … Backside

Cycling home.  Unnatural amount of squeaking as a result of my chain being washed of any lube by the constant rain we have been having.  Just sit back down on the crest of a hill when all of a sudden my saddle slumps forward. I have not shot up out of my seat quicker in a long time.  I was fully expecting to be impaled on snapped shards of carbon fibre seat post.

Now with it being dark and my various lights attached to my helmet, rucksack flashing away, all motorists passing will have seen is some lunatic on his bike bouncing up and down frantically like a meerkat on speed.  By the time I realised I wasn’t going to become permanently attached to the bike I realised, to quite a bit of relief, the seatpost hadn’t snapped but just come loose and the seat now would point in any direction it so fancied.  However, being the good cub scout that I am… I was totally unprepared and had to ride the final couple of miles home either stood up or just perching on the saddle, hoping it wouldn’t fall clean off.  All fixed now and the local dogs will be pleased to hear, or not as the case may be, that my chain is fully lubed up (stop tittering at the back please) and thus silent.  It very nearly was a real pain in the backside.

The weekly mileage is stood at 60.  I was not in work on Wednesday or Thursday due to my delightful partner in crime taking me to see the absolutely delightful Lily Allen in Manchester for my birthday (Don’t worry, put the money away, it was in July).  We had a jolly good evening although I must say the Manchester Apollo crowd were very poor. Beer definitely seems to help carry evenings like that along … even at £3.70 a bottle…

I have just been watching Sky Sports News’s coverage of the Republic of Ireland vs France fiasco.  There are calls coming in from every corner claiming the game must be replayed but I really don’t see how it can be.  I think the fact that Thierry Henry’s handball was so obvious is clouding the issue.  Had it been an arm in the air or a slight shove on the defender that was missed there would be no one talking about it and certainly no talk of replays.  At the end of the day it seems to me that it was simply a mistake by the ref (who don’t get me wrong should have spotted it and that is what needs looking at).  This however happens time and time again throughout games so we can’t be having replays each time or there will never be a result that stands.  I do find it slightly frustrating when the Irish Football association are shouting so loudly for the replay.  They didn’t say much earlier in the competition when this penalty was given to them for, well, I haven’t a clue.  It was at a time when they were 1-0 down so changed the result.  You can’t just pick and choose which incidents warrant a replay.   Now, what can comment on next… World peace, the political situation in Uganda?  Sorry, I just get carried away!

The cycling world has been quite quiet over the last few weeks.  The final transfers of the season are being wrapped up. Riders twitter about their summer holidays and Team Sky still don’t announce their final rider!  Rumors are abound that they might be after Ben Swift from Katusha but there still seems to be no final word on Bradley Wiggins. Admittedly if Wiggo is staying at Garmin there is no reason to say anything but I’m still waiting to see if he goes.

In an attempt to make the blog a little more interesting I am going to try and keep a rough running total of miles cycled and update a little more about how my training is going.  Any comments on what you find interesting and what you don’t are more than welcome.  It would help if I told more people about the blog as well.  It is like I am giving a speech to an empty village hall at the moment though!!  The work holiday situation will have to wait till next week so I can’t really say anything about what I am doing untill I know when I can do it.  I’m nearly sorted though.  Trust me!

Thanks. You have been a great audience.




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