Posted by: Zombi | December 6, 2009

Ground to a halt…

Progress over the last few weeks on planning the trip and the training has pretty much ground to a halt.  Maybe it’s because it’s winter, maybe I’ve been busy, maybe I’ve been lazy.  Probably it’s a bit of all three.

Still not got time booked off work (I work for a Bank).  Problem is, I’m Project Manager on a big piece of work that is due to go in in June next year to ensure we meet European regulation.  Unfortunately the regulation has been delayed however we don’t know by how much.  I should be able to plan in my time off in the near future though, hopefully for around late may/early June next year as originally planned.  Can’t say I have ever previously had to plan my spare time around European Regulation but there is a first time for everything.

I have an idea of a potential bike I am after for the trip.  I have been looking at the Hewitt Cheviot:

Hewitt Cheviot

and the Cheviot SE

Cheviot SE

I have heard good things so far about Hewitt bikes so they are starting as my preferred option.  Hewitt also have an excellent reputation for the wheels they build and, although I will be riding on good quality roads there will be quite a lot of miles going through them in a short space of time so I don’t want any issues.

I will be thinking and researching the bike over the coming weeks.

Training log:

Last week:

100 miles – all commuting.

Total to date (Since 30th November 2009)

100 miles.

That’s all for now but hopefully there should be something more interesting next week!


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