Posted by: Zombi | December 22, 2009

Right… A plan.

The last month has seen me fall really lax with the planning of the trip.   Maybe this is because it is the end of the year, winter blues who knows however, what I do know is I need a plan for what I need to do to be ready for the start of June.

So here goes:

  • Route – Planned in draft. Further work will need to take place on this nearer the time to make sure there are no places I want to visit on route etc however, it will have to change on the road as I go and learn etc so I’m happy for the time being.  Final update by 1st May 2010.
  • Date of Trip – Still not sorted with work.  Hope to have a clear idea of exactly when is suitable by 1st week in Jan.  I’m planning on leaving after the end of May due to the Giro D’Italia and League 2 Play Off Final finishing/being on 3oth.  I would like to not miss the whole of England’s World Cup campaign so 1st 3 weeks in June look best at the moment.  Date confirmed by – 10th January 2010.
  • Fundraising Plan – This is the piece I need to think about quite carefully.  I currently plan on trying to get some publicity through the T&A and Bradford City and then via this blog.  I also need to harass friends and family out of their hard earned cash. Work will be covered by various emails to colleagues and hopefully a write up in one of our department wide circulars that are sent out.  Another suggestion I have received is to set up a turbo trainer/Rollers outside a supermarket or in Bradford/Leeds centre and have buckets etc.  Key dates – Work emailed etc – 13th Jan, T&A & City notified – 17th Jan, investigate supermarket idea – 31st Jan.
  • Just giving page set up – Done! Woo Hoo!  I have set a target now of £1000.  As I have never done anything like this before I don’t know if this is low, high or middling.  Lets see how I go.
  • Bike – I know what I want now. From the reviews I have seen and all the investigation I have done it is going to be a Hewitt Cheviot (SE). Just need to talk through exactly what I need with the shop and save up the best part of £1500… – Bike bought by 31st March. Equipment bought by 31st April.
  • Logistics booked.  London hotel booked for way down. Book by 30th Jan.  Ferry booked by 28th Feb. Travel home booked by 31st March. This pretty much allows me the full 3 months advance notice you need to get them cheap! I just hope the Eurostar has thawed out by then!

That seems a fair whack for me to get on with to be honest and the thought that there are only 5 more paydays before I go (it is terrible I calculate time like that but I’m sure I’m not alone) is a spot startling but with a bit of a plan I will be fine.

The planning for Christmas has been even more haphazard than this.  Presents still to buy, Check. Food still to buy, check, Cards still to write… ah wait, Amy, you are a genius!

Amy didn’t particularly think I was a genius last week when I let her know I now have 4 bikes in our little house.  Now there is very good reason fo this. With the bad weather coming I didn’t want to be left not being able to ride in to work due to all my bikes having skinny tyres so luckily Forbes at work lent me his mountain bike for the really icy days.

It seems pointless updating my mileage over Christmas when it will be well down so I will reset this and start from the 1st Jan.

Thanks for reading.


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