Posted by: Zombi | January 17, 2010

Miles of miles…

What a couple of weeks there have been at the start of the year.

The commute last week was restricted to the mountain bike.  Very slow progress (50 minutes to work as opposed to 35) but good for the fitness.  80 miles in total.

This week, only in work for 3 days so 60 miles.  Managed to come off on the ice on Tuesday which gave me a lovely lump. Serves me right for trying the Fixed.  Seems Wyke still had ice left when the rest of the area didn’t!

Today saw me start on the road to getting the real training started for the trip. I had the pleasure of riding out with Ravensthorpe CC.  It was a tough ride.  Only 60 miles (including the 5 to Mirfield meeting point and back) but a massive amount of climbing.  The rough route was to Langsett via Marsden,Meltham,Holme,Holmfirth,Newmill.  There was a massive amount of climbing but was a really enjoyable time. Thanks guys.

I am sill not able to confirm my dates for going due to European legislation still not confirmed!  Hopefully will have a better idea v. soon so fingers crossed.

Finally the Cycling season is underway with the Tour Down Under starting yesterday.  The Tour Down Under is preceeded by the Cancer Classic Criterium.   This is a race round a City centre circuit.   Team Sky started excellently by winning their 1st major race.  Highlights here.

1 Greg Henderson Team Sky
2 Chris Sutton Team Sky
3 Robbie McEwen Katusha

Today was stage 1 so I will be tuned in to Sky sports later for the highlights.

Unfortunately following City has not been as exciting.  Only 2 games played since 15th December in what should be a busy period.  Yesterdays game vs Notts County was posponed due to a waterlogged pitch so have to wait till Tuesday to see us start our winning run!

Weekly award for largest numpty in West Yorkshire goes to the bus driver last week who I passed whilst he was stuck in stationery traffic.  I had to tuck in just in front of him (Bearing in mind he was stopped and the 100 meters in front was full of also stationary traffic) to keep clear of an on coming car. I turned round just before I set off again to see him bouncing with rage in his cab shouting.  He seemed to be gesturing he had 2 points to make to me as well.   Must be a really bad time if you get that angry at, well, nothing.  Hopefully my tongue being stuck out at you added a bit of happiness to what clearly was going to be a grim day.

Weekly Miles – 140

Previous Year to date – 80

Current year to date – 220 (12.9 miles per day)


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