Posted by: Zombi | January 31, 2010

What a waster….

… probably true of me this weekend.

I would like to report back with a whopping addition to the mileage total, especially seeing as this weeks club ride was 75 miles.  Unfortunately whilst the rest of the Thorpers were spinning round West Yorkshire I was making my way back from Exeter with a slightly sore head.  Adam, Dan and I had been down there for the weekend watching City win for a change.  A 2.1 win vs Torquay, with both our goals coming in the last 10 minutes made a pleasant change from the drubbings we have had to watch recently.  Well done to Stuart McCall and the team. It’s about time our luck changed and hopefully this will signal a change in fortune for us.

Exeter is a superb place and it was positively tropical compared to Bradford over the last few weeks.  Everything seems so relaxed down there and I am looking forward to the next time I am down that part of the country.  Judging by some of the hills in Exeter and Torquay I may take the bike down next time. Hats off to everyone cycling in Devon, there are some real killer climbs.

Due to being on the way to Exeter on Friday the total mileage for me last week was a measly 80 miles.  Added to the current total of 360 that leaves me with 440 miles for January.  I’m happy enough with that total however I want to make sure I am above the 600 mile mark each month from now on.  Bearing in mind I will be doing double that in 3 weeks I really have to get cracking!

I’m really pleased the days are starting to get longer.  It was almost 5 before it was dark tonight so it won’t be too long before I’m out of work in the light.  I can’t wait.

Well done to André Greipel for winning the Tour Down Under (I’m sure he reads this).  It was the standard sprint fest but I’m still delighted the season is underway. Roll on the spring and we will really be into the season proper.

Last weeks riding was nerve wracking due to the potholes that have appeared after our cold snap.  I now have a photographic knowledge of the location of every pothole in Kirklees.  Due to the size of some of them there is no way I’m forgetting where they are. At the risk of sounding like a fisherman, they must be at least 5 inches deep.  You could lose a small child down some of them.

Now is the time for knuckling down and getting in the miles. I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading.


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