Posted by: Zombi | March 10, 2010

Those little lambs….

… running round the fields surely mean spring is arrived!  Sundays club run, saw the sun shining all day, not a cloud in the sky and nice dry roads.  The fact it was totally freezing is beside the point, spring is finally arriving.

The club run was just over 70 miles in total and I am really starting to notice the correlation between my diet and how I am feeling on the bike.  Saturdays preparation of a pie at football and a curry after the match, whilst washed down by orange juice I might add, clearly doesn’t lead to lots of energy in the legs.  After the 55 mile mark the ride became really tough.  Luckily that is when the others decided to up the pace!

Now whilst I appreciate this is not exactly a groundbreaking scientific find, it does make it abundantly clear that the biggest thing I need to work on before the trip (and during for that matter) is what I am eating.  Pasta looks like it will be coming on the menu quite often over the coming weeks I think.

Apologies for the incredibly dull update this week.  A little more interesting next week!

Total miles last week – 150

Month to date – 150

Year to date – 1100


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