Posted by: Zombi | March 22, 2010

Get well soon buddy…

Seeing one of your club mates being carted off in an ambulance half way round the ride isn’t a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon (I appreciate actually being carted off in the ambulance with probably tops that!).

During a long descent in to Keighley on a lovely clear day, our group had split in to two with the 1st group about a minute ahead eagerly anticipating the cafe stop.  As the second group were coming in to Keighley a guy just stepped out on to the road right in front of one of our group leaving them with no way to avoid him.  A head on collision at around 30mph, left both of them in a bad way (thank god for the chaps sake it was a bike not a car).  By the time emergency services arrived both were conscious and immediately cared for prior to being taken to hospital.  The bike was in a mess, the rider left with a broken collar-bone and a fractured pelvis. Get well soon buddy, you will be missed on the weekend rides.

The other gentleman’s injuries are not currently known but hopefully he will be ok.

Moving on to a lighter note, last weeks weather was absolutely superb and saw my first outing in shorts (on the bike).  Whilst we will have some wet spring weather on the way it is superb that we are past the freezing temperatures of the last 5 months!

Last Friday was spent at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax to see a talk by Mark Beaumont on his latest completed expedition.   He has just returned from 9 months cycling the spine of the America’s whilst climbing two of the highest peaks in both the Northern and Southern hemisphere!  His BBC series, following his trip starts tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd March) on BBC 1 at 10:35pm.  It will be an excellent watch.  In case you have missed the 1st one, BBC Iplayer will help!

On another cycling note, last week saw an interesting altercation between Lance Armstrong and American radio talkshow host Tony Kornheiser.  Following one of his shows where the DJ, in true Daily Mail style, actively encouraged drivers to run over cyclists for, well, being there, Armstrong responded via his twitter “What a complete f-ing idiot”.  What followed was a rather surprising, but welcome apology from the DJ and the following live discussion (see Lance Armstrong episode) where Armstrong, and I’m not his biggest fan, excellently put across the way we all really need to behave on the roads and yet rarely do.

The preparation for the trip has really taken a much needed progress boost this weekend, unfortunately this has also resulted in my bank account taking a hammering.  I am awaiting delivery on a Garmin, which is effectively a satnav for the bike, which I will load up my route to, making navigation when away a doddle.  A pair of panniers are also on the way which will go on the bike I am off to be fitted for on Friday.  Also on the way are various other bits and bobs of cycling kit so the postman will think it is my birthday this week.

I will try to get another video blog up in the coming days but hopefully you are finding some of this interesting reading.  Any comments welcome (keep them clean Forbes).

Miles last week – 125

Month to date – 390

Year to date – 1340

Please remember, this is for charity so help me reach my target. Donate here!!!!

Thanks for reading!


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