Posted by: Zombi | March 22, 2010


Hopefully there will be a few people reading this for the 1st time so let me summarise what’s going on.

Back in August this year the Telegraph and Argus, in conjunction with Bradford City F.C, started a campaign to raise £100,000 for the Bradford Burns Unit which was set up following the Bradford fire disaster in 1985.  The money is needed to ensure the survival of this much-needed facility.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m rather keen on cycling and the thought of combining riding with raising some cash was quite an appealing one.  Once Extreme Unicycling was discounted I decided on riding from Bradford, West Yorkshire to San Remo, Italy over three weeks in June this year.  San Remo was chosen as it was the location of British cyclist Mark Cavendish’s 1st major one day race win in the 2009 Milan – San Remo… just!  The fact that it was well over a thousand miles was a minor detail that would be worried about later!

Planning and training have progressed and we now reach the last major hurdle and that is to publicise the trip and if you are reading this then I must have done something!

Have a read through my previous posts and see what I have been up to over the last 4 months.  Have I been training? Have I planned a route?  Have I even got a bike to ride!  How am I riding this years Tour de France?  If you are here to find out if Dogs can look up then apologies but you are in the wrong place.

Finally but most importantly, please visit my Just Giving page and donate.  Without that I have no hope of reaching my £1000 target so every little really will help.

This bunch raised £1m for riding Lands End to John O’Groats doing 25 mile stints as a relay so I am worth a pound or ten!

Thanks for reading.


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