Posted by: Zombi | March 31, 2010

There is a first for everything!

For pretty much the first time in my life I am really well prepared well in advance of when I need to be!

Before I go on holiday the morning is spent searching for clean clothes and a passport.

When I am due to leave for football is the time I start looking for my season ticket.

When the hairdresser asks “What can I do for you today?” always takes me by surprise.

Well not this time!  I am delighted to confirm, although my bank manager may not share this view, I now have a new bike on order, the Hewitt Cheviot SE I was fitted for on Friday. I am due to collect it at the end of April.

My Garmin which will store my route has arrived and is being put through its paces, as is the various new bits of kit and clothing that were needed, and long overdue judging by my old cycling gear.

A Eurostar has been booked back from Paris to London on Friday 25th of June and I will be delivered to Paris from Nice courtesy of a sleeper train leaving on the Thursday night (I am not sure it will be the best nights sleep ever but for £33 I can’t really complain).

Whilst I am pleased I am prepared I must admit it does leave me somewhat unsettled.  What will I have to do before I go.  I bet this will be the time I actually do forget something!

It is quite ironic I have made so much progress off the bike last week as on it I had a dismal week.  20 miles in total due to another cold. It had lingered for a few days but Monday night was when it hit me so in an attempt to see the back of it quite quickly I decided to rest as much as possible.  By Saturday I was starting to feel better and was ready and waiting for the Sunday club ride.  With the clocks going back on Sunday morning I was making sure I wasn’t going to be the muppet who didn’t change the clocks and turn up late.  As I went up to bed I had in my head “must change clock, must change clock, must not sleep in, must set alarm”.  I went straight for the clock and set the alarm and went off to sleep happy in the knowledge my alarm was set… shame I didn’t actually change the damn time then wasn’t it!!


The other big development was the emails I sent round work and you very kind people coming in and sponsoring me (if you haven’t then stop being so tight!).  At the last check I was at the £190 mark which is absolutely superb so thank you very much, it really is appreciated.

I have been quite surprised that various people who don’t know me directly have sponsored me (thanks to Amy), in fact I have more in sponsorship from them than from my mates (although anyone who knows most of my mates won’t be surprised!!!!).

This weeks weather has taken a turn for the worse.  Absolutely soaked on Monday on the way home from work as you can see… not the best day for shorts!

Fingers crossed it is just a cold snap as we were in early spring a couple of weeks ago!

Easter weekend should be another bit of a break from the bike for me as I am away for a few days but from then on it is time to really get the training going and count down to going.

2 months and counting…..

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