Posted by: Zombi | May 9, 2010

What a couple of weeks!

Apologies for not updating the blog last week. In all honesty I just never seemed to find a minute to do it!

The last few weeks has seen most of the final pieces of the jigsaw falling nicely in to place.

Friday 30th April saw me make the trip back to Hewitt Cycles in Leyland to finally pick up the bike. I must say I am absolutely delighted with it.

The Bike! Hewitt Cheviot SE!

I took all four panniers (the bags that will be attached to the bike containing my ‘stuff’) along with me and had them attached when I rode the 10 miles home from Halifax station and it is a really nice ride. Compared to what I am used to, a lightweight road bike, it felt like driving a bus but it is sturdy and feels right with the weight.

I’m delighted to have the bike home so I can break it in before I leave however, with 5 bikes in a very small house, Amy isn’t as delighted (2 of them will be gone soon Amy, I promise!).

I’m not sure if the bike brought luck but the following saturday, my usual 6 team accumulator on the football actually came in. £216 better off, I was able to buy a brand new Camera to take away with me as well, I just have to work out how to use it now. Talk about lucky!

The biggest result over the last couple of weeks was the amazing generosity of everyone who has sponsored me. The total raised is now standing at whopping £801 pounds.

Now let me be honest with you at this point. The target I set of £1,000 was not what I really thought would be raised. I would have been really pleased to collect £750 for the burns unit and realistically, the only way I would get the £1,000 was if my work had ‘matched my funding’ as they set money aside for each year (I won’t be commenting on that).

Now, with ‘only’ £200 pounds to go I will do whatever I can to raise the money to reach the target and I will reach the £1,000 pounds. Thank you very much for every donation so far. It really is appreciated! (No pressure on me on the ride then!!!!)

Training is motoring along, 90 miles today around the hills of West Yorkshire. Todays route crossed Holme Moss (again!), Snake Pass, and the Strines which is a series of 5 shortish climbs (around a mile each) including the last one that reaches 22% before flattening out to around 12-15% (to put that in perspective, the signs you see at the side of the road advertising a steep section start from around 10%). Again I was shattered by the end of the ride and didn’t help myself at all by not eating appropriately during the ride. It is easy to forget on a social run but I must pay attention whilst I am away or I have no chance of getting to San Remo in time.

I must take this opportunity as well to reserve a special thank you to Amy who is about to become, yet more, of a Cycling widow due to the start of the Giro D’Italia which started yesterday. Without Amy’s help and support I wouldn’t have had a chance of being in the position I am in now. Thank’s P, you are an absolute star!

Thanks for reading and a massive thank you for all the sponsorship.

Less than 4 weeks till I leave!



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