Posted by: Zombi | May 17, 2010

Practice makes perfect

This weekend saw the final part of my training.

210 miles, fully loaded over 3 days.

Friday was 77 miles over to the lakes to my Brothers.  I had planned the route in to my Garmin to test out the turn by turn directions.  They worked a treat although my route planning didn’t!

In order to avoid travelling all the way along the busy A65 I decided to track the road with smaller ones on either side.  Unfortunately it turns out, the ones on either side go up and over the hills of the valley floor the A65 is in!

77 miles later and I eventually arrived.

On Saturday I followed, quite a distance behind, my brother round the Forest of Bowland.  An excellent route on minor roads saw us arrive, after plenty of climbing (Thanks Simon!), in Slaidburn for a well earned lunch.  A Jacket potato, a can of pop and a large slab of chocolate cake made a nice dent in the calorie deficiency I was working up and set us up for the 2.5 mile climb that stood in the way of us and home.  By the end of the day, whilst tired, I was pleasantly surprised with how I had coped with two continuous days riding.  By the time we finished we had covered a tough 65 miles and fully laden following my brother who is fitter than he thinks was like chasing a greased ferret. Thanks for being patient Simon!

Sunday was a simple case of the ride home. After my mistake on the way over to the lakes I was far more careful to avoid going up and down the hills on the way home.  Fortunately, the route was excellent and there was a lovely tail wind all the way home made light work of the 70 miles back and I was in the front door at 3.15pm after setting off just after 10am.

What did I learn?

I can do continuous tough days.

I can probably half the gear I took to Simons.

Dogs CAN look up.

I will be eating in 1.5 to 2 hour intervals.  This is vital when I am away.

My bike fit was not quite right.  A painful shoulder, whilst not unbearable is really not something I can ‘manage with’ for three weeks.  I have flipped the stem which will raise the handle bars an inch or so which hopefully will sort the issue.

I now need to rest!  Over 350 miles in the last 8 days is great training but it is pointless being knackered before I go.  If I’m not fit enough now I never will be.

I leave two weeks on Friday!  How quickly that has come round!

I will be updating on here until I go and I will also be starting to update my twitter with updates.  You can see them to the right of this screen (just over there!! =====>) or if you are on twitter you can add me (Bensbigtrip) to see any updates I make when I am away.  I will still update the blog when I can when I am away but twitter will be used more often so you can see how I am struggling!

Current fundraising total is £856 and counting. If you have not sponsored me yet, please do HERE.

Thanks for reading.


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