Posted by: Zombi | May 24, 2010

Thats it, I’m finished.

Sunday saw the best weather of the year so far.  What a cracker.  Sunday also saw my last training run prior to leaving.

75 miles leaving Mirfield to Keighly, the hilly way for the 1st cafe stop.  One beans on toast later we then headed west via a few more hills to Wycoller (I am aware this is in Lancashire and I apologise  now) and the second cafe stop of the day where I had the delights of a lovely cold chocolate milkshake and a can of coke!  Upon leaving Wycoller we headed back over Widdop Moor which was a fantastically steep, touching 20% in places, and quite long climb before dropping down in to Hebden Bridge and then over the undulating roads back to home.

Pleasingly, despite being in the baking sun throughout the day I felt pretty good on the bike. Plenty of water throughout the day and eating in the middle of the day meant I handled the sun better than I had hoped.

With less than two weeks till I go I decided that sunday would be my last long run before leaving.  The intention is to rest up (convincing Amy this means having my tea on the table is proving harder than I 1st thought) from now until I go so I am as fresh as possible.  I will still be cycling in to work but at a very relaxed pace just to keep my legs moving.

Sponsorship is now sat at an amazing £886 with a few more pledges to be added so the £1,000 target is looking more and more achievable.

A few loose ends still need to be tied up prior to departure but nothing major other than the final detailed route needing to be input into my Garmin (Sat Nav for a bike) and the pre departure bike service.  With both these complete next weekend I will be all set and ready to go.

11 days and counting!

Thanks for reading and remember, you can donate to the Burns Unit HERE!



  1. Good luck mate,
    know the areas you are using well and would have loved to have riden them, as well as driven them.
    Post the route using map my ride, so we know which way you are going.
    Be safe, (no track stands) you know you fall off!!
    PS. put me down for a tenner!

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