Posted by: Zombi | June 1, 2010

Oh my word…

… I’m going to have to go through with it now!

I am delighted to confirm that you have all smashed the target of £1000.  The total you have raised is now £1061 and I anticipate that will push the £1150 mark with outstanding pledges.  This is the place to go if you wish to add to the total.

Unfortunately this means it is my turn to actually do something… Damn!

With two days to go I am plotting my route in to my Garmin which will kindly direct me the whole way… if I can get the damn thing to work!!!!

Not that I’m getting nervous of course…

I’m working Wednesday and Thursday and due to be dropping the bike off at City on Thursday afternoon after packing up on Wednesday night.

After the planning and preparation over the last 6 to 8 months I am desperate to just get on the road.  The longer I find myself waiting to go the more I start thinking and over-analyzing the trip ahead which then results in more nerves and the worry that the route is poor, I don’t have enough time or I have forgotten something.  All this will dissolve when I finally hit the road.  Someone is looking out for me as the weather for the back end of this week is looking outstanding.

So, finally, before I go a final bit of house keeping:

I will be posting Blog updates on here as and when I can.

I will update my twitter as often as possible.  You can see my updates on twitter or at the top right hand side of my blog.

The stats as they stand:

  • Planned distance – 1196 miles (I know I promised 1200 miles, If I don’t make that you can have your money back!)
  • Weight – 10st 9lb (Let’s see if that stays the same! I fear it won’t!)

Thanks very much for all your support. It really is appreciated.

See you in a bit….


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