Posted by: Zombi | June 4, 2010

Day 1 – 4th June

Wow, what a day.

Having the bike stored at City meant a relaxing start to the day.
Swift practical goodbye’s were said to ensure tears didn’t become uncontrolable. I’m never good with goodbye’s you should see me when I set off for work.

As I headed off for the bus the sun was already beating down like in meant business. By the time I got to the ground it was touching 9.30 and I was already behind schedule (further delayed when the receptionist told me a mate was sitting an exam upstairs and I would catch him if I popped up. Two minutes later after asking a couple of girls where the exams were being held, and then a further 2 minutes explaining I wasn’t sitting one and if I was I wouldn’t be doing it in lycra, it became apparent the exam had started. Back down to reception and then across the road, through a door, down a lift and I was finally in the stand where my bike was locked up. A couple of photo’s later and I was finally off.

The ride out of Bradford was simple enough once I had negotiated the glass that had been kindly spread across the roads (seemingly glass is the new potholes in Bradford).

20 minutes on and I was flying along before I reached Wakefield. Wakefield, if you have never been is a lovely little town… if you smoke Crack. It wasn’t the crack pipes that stopped me though, it was the removal of the roads I was supposed to be using that meant I had to deviate from my sat nav. Luckily I was abe to muddle through and before I knew it I was back on track and heading out of Wakefield as quickly as possible.

By the time I was reaching the halfway point I was really starting to get hungry. It is just like a car running out of fuel and you get to the point you have to stop. A pint of milk, a sandwich, can of coke, banana and a chocolate bar later and I was off again.

As I pressed on the scenery became more fields and rolling countryside as opposed to crack den’s and debauchery (I guarantee half my mates will be looking for train tickets to Wakefield at this procice moment!). The miles progressed and the sun cooked me more mile by mile.

I don’t know if it was the sun, the build up of the last few days at work or the ‘speciality Spar sandwich’ that caused it but the last 15 or so miles proved to be a struggle. Happily my campsite was at the top of a hill.

The tent was whipped up, today’s cycling clothes washed and hung out to dry and a nice refreshing shower (apart from blasting each leg with ice cold water for a minute each. It helps recovary) made me feel much better. All I have to do now is hop on the bike for the two miles back down the hill for tea in the local pub and then back up and in to bed.

Only a few more days to go… Isn’t there?


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