Posted by: Zombi | June 5, 2010


… after spending the last thirty minutes wrining my latest update and despite it initially appearing it has now vanished.

In summary, I got blown all day, by a headwind.

I was as sick as a dog for the last thirty miles as a result of the food and heat.

In trying to be a smart arse I ended up adding 4 or 5 miles on the route.

I saw a dead badger. I don’t know the status of bodger unfortunately (google them if you don’t know what I am on about!).

What I thought was a flat day wasn’t and it ended up as a long 82.5 mile struggle.

A shower and a phone home meant I ended up not smelling like a tramp in a sauna and had my spirits picked right up.

I’m now sat in a pub in between a hundred and forty three year old lady singing on ‘Britains got talent’ and a local butcher who is regailing his table with his best faggot stories… no sniggering at the back please.

Tomorrow is a much welcome shorter day. Only 60 miles tomorrow and the potential for a tail wind.

The old lady has finished singing now and Piers Morgan is giving her some pearls of wisdom. She probably thinks he is her grandson and is thinking about wurthers originals and if she remembered to put her dog in the dishwasher and the plates in the garden.

Tomorrow will be a good day.

Finally, and most importantly, P have a super holiday and I will see you before we know it!

If this doesn’t save now I am going to go and stuff one of the butchers faggots up my…



  1. If it was Britain’s got heart mate you’d have it in the bag! Look forward to following your blog in the coming weeks and if there was any justice in this world you’ll have a latino lovely waiting for you in san remo!

    Thanks a lot Martin. Very kind words. I have my very own lovely sunning it up in Ibiza at the moment so I have a great incentive to get finished!

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