Posted by: Zombi | June 8, 2010

Day 5 (well half of it anyway!)

I have just reached Dover and boarded the ferry which is literally judy pulling out so I will have to be quick before I lose English phone reception!

This morning was a straightforward enough trip over to Dover which I did in arount two hours. Despite glorious sunshine now, I was woken by the sound of rain on the tent. Now cycling in the rain is not a disaster however I didn’t want to get all my cycling stuff wet, to save weight I only have one lot of spares, so I decided it would meke most sence to leave for the day in yesterdays kit, which due to yesterday evenings rain, was not dry. Now there is nothing worse that pulling on wet cycling stuff! Still, within minutes I had the rest of my stuff packed and I was pleased to be on my way.

Upon reaching the port I was faced with the most daunting set of roads I have faced due to the volumes of lorries. Happily I picked my way through and within 20 minutes was border.

We have just set off now so I must go. I’m not sure how frequent the blogs will be from now on but I will do my best.

Thanks for Reading and the support so far. It is really appreciated.




  1. Hey Ben

    Well what I can I say, I knew you were a funny guy but your blog for the first five days of your journey have just had me howling! Let me tell you, I was born in Wakefield, hahaha!! Keep your spirits up and your humour and you’ll be just fine. It’s fantastic what you’re doing and just remember that Pugsley and the rest of your family and friends are so proud of you : – )!

    Gem, Chris & Baby!!! xxx

    Thanks Gemma. I think if I have any more rain I will be howling as well. Hope you are all well and Baby is doing well with mum back working away. Ben

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