Posted by: Zombi | June 14, 2010

Day 11 The lifestyle of a real Pro

There are many things that professional cyclists do to get to the very top of the sport. Riding I bike comes quite high on the list, clearly, eating a lot is up there as is leg shaving and not being overweight. So far I have covered those all pretty well but the last big gap in my list is arguably one of the most important things the pro’s do and that is rest.

Today I covered that magnificently! Waking up this morning at around 8 to the sound of yet more rain on the tent I decided enough was enough. I wasn’t having another day of honking a wet tent around in the hope I would be able to dry it at the end of the day. Off went the alarm and back to sleep I went. It was wonderful.

When I eventually got up, after 9 I took a leasurly stroll in to town to become frendly with a local tart, well, chocolate eclaire to be exact. That was followed swiftly by a pain au chocolate and a drink and then I had the rest of the day to do nothing.

Fortunately I managed to find some more free Wifi (don’t know who’s it was but thanks anyway) so topped myself up with the latest Bradford City news, uploaded a couple of my latest blogs and then had a scout around what was going on in the cycling world.

This afternoon has been spent doing nothing but reading my cycling magazines and, well, not a lot else.

The campsite I am on is a local authority run one so as well as being cheap it seems to attract an elderly clientele. Me being here has probably dragged the average age down below the 90 mark! Hopefully the all night rave they had last night was a one off as this morning I had to make my way past glowsticks and dentures in equal measure.

Last nights call home to Amy, whilst being excellent for moral was quite educational as well (try it, call her, ask her anything and she will give you the answer, she is a mine of information, especially if it involves animals that talk, dance or ideally both). I know know I have roughly 450 miles left to go which I aim to split over the next 8 days giving me just under 60 miles a day. A nice change from the 75+ mile days I have been used to. All being well, this will see me roll in to San Remo next Tuesday afternoon.

The landscape I have coming up will start to change a little from what I am used to. So far everything has been relatively like back home, green, wet and not too hot. In the coming days I will be squeezing between the northern Alps and the Massif Central like a fat man squeezing through a bakers door at two minutes to five with cakes at half price. I will pass just East of Lyon before ducking slightly left to Montellimar, South to Avignon before heading South East to Frejus and Saint Raphael on the coast. From there it is a days ride through Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo, over the Southern tip of the Alps (really not sure what to expect there) and then in to San Remo, Italy. Sounds easy!

With 750 miles covered so far I will arrive with a little over 1200 in total. There is still a long way to go, but with a fair wind and just under 2/3 of the route behind me I think there is an outside chance, I may be able to pull this off. I can’t quite believe I have made it this far in all honesty.

The next big milestone is the same as the fat mans. Squeezing through the gap and reaching Avignon. I will be taking each day at a time and we will see how it goes.




  1. Hi Ben, Keep up the good work, You are making great progress inspite of crap weather, also doing it the hard way (camping). I was down San Remo way last summer its a bit lumpy but it”l be a breeze for whippet type. all the best hope the weather improves. Phil Rounding.

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