Posted by: Zombi | June 15, 2010

Day 12 Louhans – Trept

Annoyingly this is the second time a post has been lost.

To summarise:

It rained last night – again.

I was delighted to be back on the road today.

I lunched in Bourg en Bresse where an eccentric Frenchman stopped his car in the middle of traffic, got out and left it so he could show me maps of the local area. He didn’t want to do things to me as first feared, he was simple friendly and stood a bit close.

It rained a bit more.

I reached a campsite, dried tent a little then left for nearest restaurant to get food. They had none so hitched to next town (2nd car pick up, what a result) as otherwise had no food tonight. Exceedingly kind Frenchman brought me back as well despite me protesting he didn’t need to. That is one favour I will be passing on when I next can.

Spent hour typing blog before it vanished.

It rained.

I aim to finish possibly on Sunday.

Thanks for all the messages so far, they really are appreciated.



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