Why I’m doing this…

I have followed Bradford City all my life (Born in’82) and in doing this you learn about the clubs history.  The biggest thing in our history was the tragic events on 11th May 1985 when a fire ripped through the main stand killing 56 people and injuring many more.  Every year money is raised by Bradford fans for the Burns unit that was set up in the aftermath of the disaster.

Through following the club you are constantly aware of the disaster, from walking past the memorial, to the minutes silence every year.

With the high profile appeal this year and a personal desire to do something challenging in my life I felt this was the perfect opportunity to marry Bradford City and my other sporting love of cycling.

I have cycled on and off ever since I was a child however only really consistantly clocked up the miles over the last 3 or 4 years mainly commuting to work.  I think my first commute time was about 4o minutes for 7 or so miles.  Now I am riding in the 9.5 mile route in about 34 minutes (hardly Eddie Merckx but I’m getting there).

This will be a great experiance and I can’t wait…


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